Welcome to SFCC

We are a church that is not easily labeled. 

Urban/Suburban, Pentecostal/Evangelical, Salvation/Justice, Worship/Word, Prayer/Action, Traditional/Contemporary, Missions-minded/ Community-focused, Unity/Diversity? The answer is, "YES!" How? That's something you'll understand through experience with us, more than just reading about it. But we hope this website whets your appetite.


A Church for All People

We believe that it is essential to our God-given DNA as a church family, from our beginnings over 50 years ago, to reflect in our lives together the diversity of our city and the world. This unity-in-diversity demonstrates the reconciliation, new identity and future hope that alone comes from embracing the Good News of Jesus Christ, His active rule over us and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our midst.

Weekly church gatherings

Sunday Morning Service 10am

Wednesday ACTS Bible Study


Friday Prayer Service


Upcoming events