Our Mission

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), the Greatest Commandments (Mark 12:29-31) and the proclamation of the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God (Luke 4:18-19) serve as key Biblical mission statements for Christians of all ages as we seek to faithfully respond to the call and model of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is how we have defined the essentials of how we work out His call on our life together as a Body of Christ: San Francisco Christian Center is a fellowship of Spirit-filled believers committed to Christ-honoring worship, Kingdom-seeking prayer, Bible-centered discipleship, worldwide evangelism and local community service.

Statement of faith

Christian Statements of Faith typically focus on affirming essential, non-negotiable, Biblical truths that are under attack in the culture of the times in which they live. Therefore, in our religiously pluralistic society we decided to highlight the distinctiveness of who Jesus is and what it means to honor, know and love Him in spirit and in truth. We recognize that there are many foundational beliefs not included here such as the goodness of Creation, the fullness of the Trinity, the nature of the Church, the call for Justice, etc. but we are determined to be Christo-centeric in this statement of faith to focus on first things first for such a time as this. 

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Up-reach, In-reach, & Outreach

We have often associated the various ministry teams and groups within our church as primarily focused on 'Upreach' (worship and prayer), 'Inreach' (discipleship and fellowship), and 'Outreach' (local community and worldwide). Our goal is to work out our calling in practical ways that will encompass the full range of abilities, spiritual gifts, passions and experiences our members bring to our life and service together. The range of ministries is broad and deep from weekly support groups to yearly Christmas-in-the-streets outreaches, annual Haiti missions trips to Sunday morning service teams, from toddlers and youth to young adults and seniors. Additionally we have developed partnerships with other churches and ministries that allow us to join hands with the greater Body of Christ for kingdom purposes here and abroad.

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Ministry Highlights


We pray every time we gather, but we set aside special times dedicated to intercession as a church family.  Every Friday we pray as a church in the sanctuary and in the East Bay homes from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Once a month we all fast during the entire day and then come to the church sanctuary for a more extended time of prayer from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

CHANGE Support Group

CHANGE is a Christian-based twelve-step program and support group that is relevant not just to those overcoming substance abuse issues but also for those with other compulsive or obsessive behaviors. CHANGE meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Candlelight room. 

Adult Age/Stage Ministries

We appreciate the fact that there are specific challenges and opportunities unique to every season of life. Therefore, we have an active men's ministry (Men of the Body), a women's department (Daughters of Destiny), a seniors' ministry (Cornerstones) and an annual Couples' Conference.


Our primary international focus continues to be on our various ministries in Haiti where we send ministry teams every year and our annual Youth Mexico trip. Locally we invite the community in as we host a number of special outreach events throughout the year. We also go out to the streets to serve in transitional homes and to minister to the homeless.

Adult Christian Education/Discipleship

We provide a number of opportunities to come together as a church family to deepen our discipleship by learning and responding to God's Word together. Please refer to our church schedule to learn more about our current weekly adult Sunday school and mid-week Bible classes, our discipleship foundation courses and topical seminars.

Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

We love being a multi-generational church and especially value encouraging and equipping our younger generation to love and follow Christ. We have regular meetings for all early generational stages - Tiny Tots (pre-school), Clubhouse Kids (elementary school), Generation of Christ (middle-school and high school), and Realife (college/young adults).